SAIC Motor Ranking among the Top 100 in 2020 Global Fortune 500 for Seven Consecutive

It is reported that Fortune magazine released its annual list of the World’s Top 500 Companies on August 10, 2020, Beijing time, in which SAIC Motor ranked among the Top 100 for seven consecutive years, as well as was positioned at the 52nd among the World’s Top 500 Companies and the 7th among the global automobile enterprises by virtue of an operating revenue of US 122.0714 billion as disclosed in the consolidated statements of 2019.

SAIC Motor Firmly Established as the leading Automotive Industry

2020 witnesses a year of unexpected circumstance. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has delivered a heavy blow to the world economy and the global automobile industry.

In the face of severe challenges, SAIC Motor, while firmly maintaining its economic operations, has insisted on innovation-based changes and vigorous transformation, as well as spared no effort to promote the Four New Strategies of “Electrification, Intelligence and Connectivity, Sharing and Globalization”, thereby laying a solid foundation for future sustainable development: with 4 months of continuous growth in sales, the year-on-year growth rate of July further expanded, enhancing the leading position of SAIC Motor; in July, the sales of new energy vehicles rose by 52.8% on a year-on-year basis while the total commercial mileage of fuel cell vehicles exceeded 4.5 million kilometers and the world’s first fuel cell MPV was expected to be launched within this year; the heavy-duty truck featured by “5G+L4” intelligent driving has been put into quasi-commercial operation, is expected to transport 20,000 containers within this year, and will raise the traffic capacity of Donghai Bridge by 100% in the future; adapting to the development trend of “Software Defined Vehicles (SDV)”, SAIC Motor has set up a software center to gather the world’s top talents of intelligent and connected vehicle; the accumulated registered users of Xiangdao Mobility App has exceeded 10 million, wining a user satisfaction of as high as 97%; the overseas sales of self-owned brands realized an increase of 15.9% against global economy downtrend from January to July while MG, one of the automotive brands owned by SAIC Motor, has defended its No.1 position as an exported single auto brand.

MG Contributing a Stable and Gratifying Export Performance

Confronted by the epidemic, the overseas teams of SAIC Motor, while sparing no effort to strictly prevent and control the COVID-19, have actively carried out public welfare activities to enhance the brand image, accelerated expansion of the overseas marketing networks, vigorously launched new energy vehicles into the European market, and devoted more efforts to digital marketing, upon which the followers of MG overseas social media have broken through 4.45 million and the overseas market share rose against the trend. Following the number of SAIC Motor International’s overseas channels exceeding 200 in 2018, that of MG has gone beyond 300 by the end of 2019.

In December 2019, both MG HS and the pure electric MG ZS EV won ENCAP’s highest five-star safety rating; in the meantime, MG ZS EV became the first all-electric small SUV wining the five-star rating of safety in Europe while MG HS became the first SUV in China wining “double five-star rating of safety” of Europe and Australia.

From January to July this year, SAIC Motor achieved an overall overseas sales volume of SAIC Motor 154,000 vehicles. Moreover, the overall overseas sales volume of SAIC Motor self-owned brands reached 94,000 vehicles, accomplishing a growth of 15.9% against the trend during the global epidemic.


In the second half of 2020, when the auto industry is making every effort to overcome the impact of the epidemic and is gradually getting back on track. MG, further following the pace of SAIC Motor, will be devoted to stabilizing its production and operation in an orderly manner, strengthening economic operation resilience, and carrying through the Four New Strategies, thereby getting well-prepared for a new round of innovation-driven development!