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Raising the bar of innovation and efficiency considering recent EV technological advancements, MG is giving an extravagant yet flawless mix in one car. The MG4 EV is playful and functional, compact yet spacious with a state-of-the-art design and smart technology. Its energetic, agile design demonstrates the untamed spirit of the brand to the world, making it the exquisite urban compact car that everyone needs when deciding to step into the world of pure electric mobility.

360° Experience

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Fresh Energizing Agility

A one-of-a-kind futuristic sporty design conveying an eye-catching front face with its sharp, triangle-shaped, and distinctive daytime running LED Headlights combined with a memorable turning indicator, in addition to the aerodynamic roof and the dual-wing spoiler with its high mount brake lights giving the MG4 the sporty energetic look and feel.


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Convenience In Its Simplest Forms

MG4 interior is simple yet sophisticated, compact yet spacious with an extremely user-friendly layout, featuring a thin, light, and high-quality instrument panel maximizing cabin space, in addition to the beautifully designed floating console and the adjustable double-spoke steering wheel.



Technology Beyond Measures

MG4 Electric Advanced technology features will keep you connected on the road with its advanced voice command system,10.25” infotainment touch screen, 7” virtual cockpit , and wireless charger. Also, enjoy connecting your phone using Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Power & Performance

Energize Your Drive

Get behind the MG4 steering wheel and feel the electrifying experience that will tingle all your senses with a mighty motor that delivers 200 HP with an energy consumption of 160 Wh/Km, in addition to its rear-wheel drive design that enables flawless front-to-rear weight distribution (50:50) for absolute control around the curves.

Adding to the above the MG4 chassis offers remarkable degree of steering precision, agility, and suspension indulgence with a MacPherson front axle, a cautiously designed five-link rear independent suspension with the coordination of all car components, starting with the 5 driving modes to the One Pedal driving function that let the MG4 slow down and stop using only the accelerator, capturing energy from the vehicle’s motion to recharge your battery.


Battery Performance

The MG4 Battery is equipped with the innovative One-Pack battery with it’s flat design, which is lower in height than others in the industry reaching 110mm, making room for more interior space and improves power utilization rate.

Also, the battery is equipped with Battery Pre-Heating function, which improves battery charging efficiency in cold climates by actively preheating the battery when you need to charge.

Battery Range

Enjoy your road trip with a WLTP estimated range of 450KM and an advanced battery management system that ensures a stable yet effective range in cold weather.

Charge Up, Live It Up

The MG4 is charged with a dynamic AC Charger with an average charging time of 10-100% in 6.5 hours.
It also enables a DC Fast Charging with an average charging time of 10-80% in 35 mins.


A Safer Journey Guaranteed

MG4 is safer than any car would be, granted a 5 Star Euro NCAP rating, also it’s equipped with the latest Continental Braking System and disc brakes across all wheels making magnificent harmony with its sporty identity, in addition to the high-strength body structure , reliable battery protection technology, 360 camera , and 6 airbags which assures all passengers a safe and comforting journey.

Enjoy a fearless ride with the MG4’s ultimate control features that will ensure an outstanding driving experience.

Battery Safety

MG4 Battery is tested by the strictest European and international standards that ensures the safe usage of electric vehicles. MG4 was tested in harsh winter conditions for range charge time and driving performance and it has Zero Thermal Runaway and a long battery life cycle.

Pricing & Finance

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990,000 EGP

Car Price 1,650,000 EGP

Pay 60% or more & make the insurance optional
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30,000 EGP

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Monthly Payment 144,100 EGP

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